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If you are a buyer,

We offer direct contact from trusted manufacturers and suppliers that ensure an opportunity for sustainable savings and competitive advantage. These savings come from taking advantage of capacity in emerging markets and retaining the margins charged by agents and traders. Century’s end-to-end sourcing capabilities can secure you the most capable and competitive suppliers.


For buyers and suppliers, we provide you with all the expertise to move your product from origin to destination.



We handle all aspects of logistics for you, including shipment handling and transportation scheduling.  We make every transaction cost-competitive, by monitoring changes in the freight market and analyzing the best logistics options available to meet our clients' needs.


Financial Resources

Our relationships allow us to provide flexible financing options to facilitate the trade.


Quality Control

As an option, we can, if necessary, provide inspection services. You may opt to have our inspectors carry out pre-shipment inspections at the manufacturer's premises or the port of loading, then supervise the loading of your products into containers and/or onto vessels for break-bulk or bulk shipments. 

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